Adam ADSL Usage Meter

Adam ADSL Usage Meter

Please note: Adam Internet have changed their XML usage feed; Usage Meter version 7 and earlier will no longer work. The current version 8.0 beta is a "just get it working" update, that does not take advantage of any new info in the XML feed. Only the first account is displayed. In the next few weeks I will release a new version 9.0 with some new features that take advantage of new info in the feed. You must create a token via the members area first in order to use it. Screenshots below have not been updated.


This is a usage meter for customers of Adam Internet. I wrote this because the others I found didn't really suit my needs, were too big/slow/ugly etc. It is written with AutoHotkey scripting language and is a small fully self-contained program.

The Usage tab shows bar graphs of traffic used in each category against the proportion of your billing month that has passed. The colours are user-selectable, simply right click on the usage bar graphs to change them. An estimated update time is shown, and if left running the program will automatically update at that time. (Note that Adam only update your usage every 1 to 2 hours, but if traffic monitoring is configured the usage will be approximated between official updates).


The traffic tab allows you to monitor network download and upload speeds. This can be done either from your router (for supported models using SNMP) or from your local PC network interface. Of course if you use the local interface then only traffic to your PC is shown, not actual internet traffic. If you only have one device on your network it will be the same though.


The network tab shows some useful network information, your current IP addresses and ping times (updated each time you switch to this tab)


On the settings tab you need to enter your username and password so that tyour usage can be retrieved from Adam. There are also options to keep running as a system tray icon if that's what you'd like to do. I just run the program if I want to check my usage, then close it. All settings are saved in the registry (password is encrypted).


The last tab contains version info, the Adam disclaimer from the XML feed, and links to some useful pages.