What's the bike in the photo?

It's a Triumph Sprint ST 1050. I've had it since April 2009 and it's a great bike. Normally I don't have the panniers on and I ride it to work regularly as well as on weekend rides with the SAMRATS. The photo was taken on the ride home from Melbourne to Adelaide, after I bought it in Tasmania.


How do you do the screen shots with boxes drawn on them?

I use a program called Bug Shooting which allows you to capture full or partial screens and add boxes, lines, circles, arrows, text etc to them. Versions prior to 2.0 are freeware.


Can I use the Adam ADSL Usage Meter with another ISP?

Yes and No. The "usage" part will only work with Adam, as it reads their XML data feed to get your usage. But the network and traffic tabs may be of some use to you with any other ISP.