Create Windows Service

Create Windows Service

Microsoft provide a couple of command line tools to create your own Windows services. These are documented on their site. I created this GUI to simplify the process. It uses the Microsoft commands behind the scenes. You only need to enter three things... A service name, Description, and Command line. These are saved in an ini file. It was developed for configuring Bots EDI web server but can be used for many other things.


Click the Create service button to do the Windows configuration, then use the standard services control panel to configure it and start/stop as required.

Download CreateWinSrv.exe from 4shared

What does this program do, exactly?

My program follows the Microsoft recommended method for creating a user-defined service. All it does is automate that process for those that find command lines and editing the registry a bit daunting. It also saves you having to download the whole Windows resource kit for just two little programs.

  • It installs instsrv.exe and srvany.exe to your Windows\System32 folder.
  • It runs instsrv.exe with your specified parameters to create the basic service settings in the Windows registry.
  • It provides a "remove" option as well.
  • It gives a shortcut to the services control panel.
  • It can be pre-configured with an ini file for your own needs allowing quick setup on many computers
  • It's portable