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03/10/2012 09:39

All my hosted files are gone!

Thanks Webnode... NOT!  It seems that they now have a new rule under the guise of "security reasons" and I can no longer host .exe or .zip files unless I pay for premium services. Presumably when I pay, these dangerous files suddenly become safe....


11/05/2011 15:59

Adam ADSL Usage Meter broken

Adam Internet have changed their XML usage feed; Usage Meter version 7 and earlier will no longer work. I will update to use the new XML feed and release version 8.0 as soon as I get time, probably in the next week or so. After that I'll make further improvements to take advantage of new info...


17/04/2011 09:49

Click Counter updated

New setting options added; Combined log counter for all clicks. Do not log zero counts. Log file now includes computer name.


10/04/2011 20:15

MultiBackup updated again

The old synchronize modes are back. A new method of synchronizing deletes is used now, by keeping a full list of files from the previous run to compare with. Additional functionality is added with special substitution values, and improved help text.


14/03/2011 20:11

MultiBackup updated

A new "Smart Robocopy synchronize" mode replaces the old simple and exact synchronize modes. This fixes the problem of new files in the destination but not the source being deleted.


20/02/2011 10:39

Webcams added

I have added a few webcams from my local area here, just those that are useful for determining weather conditions before you go riding.


31/01/2011 10:49

MultiBackup updated

Help file improved, new command line options, several bug fixes. Download here.


30/01/2011 15:04

Added Click Counter

This utility was previously hosted at 4shared. I have made some updates and put the latest version here.


14/10/2010 14:31

Added "Create Windows Service"

This is a simple GUI to create a new windows service.


08/05/2010 10:38

Secure USB Guide created

I have added a detailed guide to creating a secure encrypted environment on USB flash drives. Please leave feedback if there's anything you think needs to be added.